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Why participate in our Leadership Development Program?

The benefits of enrolling in our Leadership Development Program for graduates:  


  • You will be on the mission and work on things that impact lives
  • You will get tangible work experience, working on real projects with direct impact on the business
  • In our structured approach you will do up to 3 assignments in up to 27 months within the technical or commercial track and work within 2 different businesses and 2 countries
  • We will provide you with best in class mentoring & coaching during your assignments
  • You will enjoy social life and networking opportunities, meeting other colleagues and senior Philips employees during formal and informal events
Working in Digital Pathology

Working in Digital Pathology

Working at High Tech Campus

Working at High Tech Campus

Assignment examples

Data Scientist:

You will work on the development and implementation of advanced image analytics solutions on top of the Philips Digital & Computational Pathology that will help pathologist to improve the quality and speed of their work

Strategic Sales Manager:


As a Strategic Sales Manager for Philips Neuro business, your key challenge will be to understand the Western European market and execute our strategy in the field. This would be a unique opportunity to hone your industry and market knowledge and help establish the key business of Philips Neuro within Philips.

Technical track

3 assignments

9 months each

R&D, Q&R, Supply Chain,


Customer Service

AI and Computer Science

Potential job placements during assignment


R&D Project Leader

Q&R Regulatory Operations Specialist

Clinical Operations Specialist

Software Developer

real cases
real impact

2 countries

2 businesses

up to 27


Commercial Track 

2 assignments

12 months each




Potential job placements during assignment


Sales Representative

Strategic Sales Manager

Business Development Manager

Product & Marketing Manager

Opportunities for graduates 2019

Commercial Opportunities

  • Marketing Manager
  • Strategic Key Account Manager
  • Strategic Marketing Manager 


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Digital & Computational Pathology

  • Development Engineer 
  • Data Scientist


Apply at:

Philips Neuro

  • Development Engineer 
  • Research Engineer


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