Together we start a journey towards continuous improvement where we are committed to helping you to meet your goals.

Performance improvement to achieve your triple aim goals

For many hospital departments, operational challenges often keep you putting out fires, or reacting to problems only as they arise. The result can be distraction from your top priority: your patients.


PerformanceBridge envisions to empower hospital departments by providing a flexible suite of continuous improvement solutions provide a path to help you find and maximize opportunities for doing more with less while helping you focus on patient care.


Powered by a forum of dedicated experts, your global peers, intelligent tools, data analytics and complemented with training, best practices, and benchmarks, our solutions network helps to inform your everyday decisions and set appropriate and relevant targets that hospital managers can use as meaningful inputs for consideration in their quest to  find actionable  continuous improvement opportunities and do more with less.

See how PerformanceBridge can help put your department or organization on a path to continuous performance improvement.



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Data, people and services working together for you

Our flexible approach helps you prioritize performance metrics on assets, uptime, utilization, people, compliance or practice.

We will work with you to co-create a personalized solution of the right combination of generally available commercial tools that align with your needs. Our flexible approach helps you prioritize performance metrics on:


  • Insight in access to assets
  • Insights in your uptime
  • Help to boost utilization
  • Grow your people competencies
  • Helping to improve quality of care for patients
  • Actionable insights for improving your practice

Intelligent tools and data analytics

Our intelligent tool envision to offer an integrated dashboard to manage your hospital department from one screen. The dashboard will integrate data from your imaging equipment, including MR, IXR, and CT, to steer improvement on your customized KPIs.


PerformanceBridge dashboards provide at-a-glance insights into uptime, operations and performance across modalities and equipment, as well as action items, case studies and training alerts.


PerformanceBridge solutions are being developed on Healthsuite Digital Platform.

The dashboard integrates data from your imaging equipment, including MR, IXR, and CT, to steer improvement on your customized KPIs

Data-driven decision-making supported by dedicated experts

Benefit from a unbiased team of experts, committed to achieve your goals

Access to data alone isn’t enough. You need help understanding how to make that data useful in order to deliver care that is focused on outcomes, value and ultimately better outcomes for the patient.


With technology, analytics, and on-site professional services we conduct a deep, personalized assessment to understand and baseline your operational performance.


Then, together, we co-create tailored solutions from commercially available Philips product offerings, work to implement changes, monitor progress, and drive toward reach general continuous sustainable improvement goals.


So you can remain centered on delivering imaging value to the health system and the patient.

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