Pinnacle³ The speed of VMAT delivery. The excellence of Pinnacle³.

Pinnacle³ SmartArc

The speed of VMAT delivery. The excellence of Pinnacle³.

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The integrated SmartArc module provides the tools to create rotational intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) plans. For flexibility, precision, and efficiency.

Rotational therapy

Effective treatment

SmartArc plans are delivered while the gantry rotates around the patient. The intensity of the radiation is modulated and the shape of the beam is dynamically adjusted by moving the MLC leaves. The gantry speed and dose rates may also be changed during the rotation. This provides you with the potential to create plans that are comparable to your standard IMRT plans but with a shorter treatment time.
Advanced SmartArc technology

Flexible treatment planning

SmartArc allows single or multiple user definable arcs and supports both constant and variable dose rate delivery. Constant dose rate delivery allows clinicians to explore the benefits of VMAT delivery without the expense and downtime associated with an upgrade to their linear accelerator.
Supports multiple accelerators

Meet your clinical needs

SmartArc is the first commercially released inverse planning solution designed for both Elekta and Varian linear accelerators, using a conventional multileaf collimator. This flexibility allows clinicians the freedom to choose the delivery device that best fits their clinical needs and department configuration.