Quick-Cross Capture Guidewire retriever

Quick-Cross Capture

Guidewire retriever

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The Quick-Cross Capture guidewire retriever easily, reliably and safely helps you capture and exchange guidewires. A low-pressure balloon centers the device within the vessel, making capturing the guidewire quick and predictable, with no damage either to the wire or to the vessel. Rapid capture and exchange can offer less radiation exposure and may shorten procedure times.

Easy to use

Easy to use

This novel retrieval catheter is inserted from above (antegrade or cross-over). Then, the low-pressure balloon automatically centers the device within the vessel. The funnel shape directs the guidewire into the lumen for quick exchange.


The Quick-Cross Capture guidewire retriever brings reliability and predictability to retrograde guidewire retrieval. • Retrieves even prolapsed or damaged wires • Effective in multiple vessels, including femoral, popliteal and tibial • Increases the predictably of successful guidewire retrieval


Increases the ease and speed with which guidewires can be retrieved and exchanged, enhancing safety. • Use in diseased vessels without the dangers of manipulating a snare • Retrograde wire access and retrieval is safe and less costly than using a re-entry device when crossing total occlusions • Delivers predictably shorter procedure times¹, reducing radiation exposure

Technische specificaties

Model number 519-106 (formerly U106)
Model number 519-106 (formerly U106)
Product description
  • 6mm guidewire retriever catheter
Sheath compatibility
  • 6F
Funnel size
  • 6mm
Guidewire compatibility
  • ≤0.035"
Catheter size
  • 5.5F
Catheter length
  • 110cm
  • 1. Data on file
  • *Philips image on file
  • * Product availability is subject to country regulatory clearance. Please contact your local sales representative to check the availability in your country.