PCR Computed radiography system

PCR Eleva S Plus

Computed radiography system

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With PCR Eleva systems you can digitize your conventional X-ray rooms. The single-slot PCR Eleva S Plus has a fast cycle time and enables good workflow and efficiency. It is suitable for normal-to-high throughput digital X-ray rooms.

Technische specificaties

PCR Eleva S Plus reader
PCR Eleva S Plus reader
Cassette feeding unit
  • Single slot
Cassette release time
  • 37s to 56s, depending on cassette size and type
  • up to 97 plates/hour
Cassette types
  • Standard, dental, and orthopedic cassettes
Scanning resolution
  • 100 µm or 200 µm (200 µm through either software re-sizing or high-speed mode). Optional 50 µm scanning with High Resolution (HR) cassettes and imaging plates for more details
Readout resolution
  • 5- 10 px/mm (Standard Readout)
Max number of linked workspots
  • 1 or 2
Eleva workspot
Eleva workspot
DICOM functions
  • WLM, MPPS, GSDF, Print, Image Export, Media
  • 19" LCD color touch screen monitor or non-touch LCD monitor
Data input
  • Hardware or software keyboard, barcode scanner, and RIS connections
Max number of workspots per reader
  • 8
Security rules
  • HIPAA compliant
Virus scanner
  • Integrated
PCR cassettes
PCR cassettes
  • Same size and shape as conventional film cassettes
  • Yes
ID options
  • Space for barcode or label
Dynamic range
  • Very high
Special type
  • Special orthopedic and dental cassettes