Alice Diagnostic sleep system

Alice 6 LDe

Diagnostic sleep system

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The Alice 6 LDE system provides your busy lab with the base set of channels needed to meet AASM standards ,while allowing staff to focus more on patients and less on equipment. Use the Alice 6 LDE system to provide routine PSGs efficiently.

Integrated RIP driver || Efficient routine PSGs

Integrated RIP driver reduces connections

Set-up patients faster and easier. The integrated RIP driver, dedicated differential pressure transducer, and "keyhole" inputs reduce the number of connections during hook-up.
Easy-to-use head box || Easy operation

Easy-to-use head box for more comfort and less effort

The head box perfectly balances a compact form-factor with easy-to-identify and use inputs.
Patent-pending chin EMG technology || Efficient routine PSGs

Patent-pending chin EMG technology for advanced monitoring

Monitor all three chin EMG inputs and select the best pair in real-time using our patent-pending chin EMG technology.
Simple architecture || Efficient routine PSGs

Simple architecture reduces cables

Only two LAN cables are required from the patient room to support routine PSGs. They provide data, Philips Respironics therapy control, intercom, audio, and video.
OmniLab integration || Efficient routine PSGs

OmniLab integration reduces clutter

No interface modules or extra cabling are needed because the system connects directly with the OmniLab Advanced therapy device.
Sleepware G3 diagnostic software || Efficient routine PSGs

Sleepware G3 diagnostic software expands capabilities

TheAlice 6 LDE system is powered by Sleepware G3 sleep diagnostic software, the same software used in our other Alice diagnostic products. Sleepware G3 has a robust platform with enhanced functionality to help busy lab managers better meet their workflow needs, regardless of their lab size.