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Healthcare financing solutions dedicated to bringing your vision to life

    Healthcare providers financing solutions

    You have a clear vision for improving your care delivery. Philips Capital offers tailored financing solutions to healthcare providers with one sole purpose. Helping you obtain the technology and services needed to improve patient lives, balance costs and achieve your goals.

    Channel partners financing services

    As a Philips distributor or dealer, you are focused on providing the best choice of medical equipment to your customers. Philips Capital can support your operational needs with working capital solutions that help increase your buying power and grow your business.

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    Philips Capital

    Financing designed to address your key healthcare challenges

    Verbeter de cashflow

    Improve cashflow

    Meet capital constraints and improve cashflow for use in daily operations. Leverage diverse funding sources to accelerate access to the latest medical technology and improve patient care.
    Optimaliseer de totale eigendomskosten (TCO)

    Optimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

    Access the latest healthtech solutions and digital technologies that drive better ways of working and new services. Optimize your TCO to make innovative medical technology affordable and attainable.
    Reageer snel op verandering

    Respond quickly to change

    Gain agility to rapidly changing patient demands and market dynamics. Financing medical technology over time helps you respond quickly to healthcare market changes.

    Leading healthcare financing solutions


    Healthtech Leases

    Access the latest Philips health technology while conserving cash with Healthtech Leases. Ideal if you want the most up-to-date technology and payment flexibility within a limited capital budget.
    Uitgebreide betalingsvoorwaarden

    Extended Payment Terms

    Acquire Philips health technology to advance patient care and keep your healthcare operations moving forward with Extended Payment Terms. Access new funding sources and spread repayments over a longer period to improve cashflow, bringing expenses on medical equipment in line with patient revenues.

    Trade Finance

    Free up short-term working capital, increase your buying capacity and expand your services as a Philips Channel Partner with Trade Finance. Lower funding costs and affordable payment terms help you to increase your operational efficiency and grow your business.

    More advanced financing services

    Are you in need of hard currency funding for solutions, support for a complex, healthcare-related public-private project or financing for large-scale projects? Our advanced financing services are designed to address your specific requirements and situation.

    Export Credit Agency Backed Financing (ECA)

    Have access to hard currency financing to acquire Philips healthtech solutions without impacting your bank limits with Export Credit Agency (ECA). Our global network of ECA's offers you attractive and affordable credit facilities.

    Public Private Partnership (PPP)

    Expand access to high quality care and improve patient outcomes for a region or country with Public Private Partnership (PPP). Our extensive knowledge and experience in health technology and comprehensive financing solutions help you realize your PPP vision.

    Project Finance

    Manage the financial risks and complexity of large-scale healthcare infrastructure projects with our global expertise in Project Finance. As a preferred partner, we can structure tailored equity or debt financing solutions to meet your objectives and specific healthcare project requirements.

    All Philips HealthTech solutions can be financed

    To meet your specific needs, we offer tailored healthcare financing services across Philips entire portfolio of medical equipment, Managed Technology Services and IT solutions.
    Medical equipment
    Medical Equipment
    We help you acquire our cutting-edge equipment – from MRI, CT and image guided therapy to patient monitoring and more. Healthcare financing can include installation, maintenance and lifecycle services.
    Managed Technology Services
    Managed Technology Services
    Everything you need to improve patient care and lower costs. From Integrated Cardiovascular Solutions to Managed Technology Services. Our comprehensive financing solutions can bundle equipment and healthcare services together.
    IT / Software Solutions
    IT / Software Solutions
    Benefit from the latest clinical software and IT solutions, like Connected Care Informatics and a specialized electronic medical record (EMR) system. Our healthcare financing turns upfront costs for software and hardware into affordable and predictable monthly payments.
    “In times of limited financial resources, this collaboration helps us to provide and secure high quality and efficient healthcare to patients in Cologne.”

    Holger Baumann, CEO at Kliniken Köln

    Kliniken der Stadt Köln (Clinics of Cologne), Cologne, Germany

    Leading healthcare financing solutions

    Healthtech Leases

    Keep quality high and costs low by leasing Philips health technology

    Extended Payment Terms

    Acquire Philips health technology now and pay back over time

    Trade Finance

    Access working capital solutions to grow your business with Philips


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