Adult Pressure Interconnect Cable length: 1.5m (4.92' )

Air Hose

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Connects all sizes of Philips reusable and disposable adult and pediatric NIBP cuffs to the monitor. Use with adult and pediatric cuffs only. CANNOT BE USED with Neonatal Cuffs

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Product details
Use with Philips Healthcare Equipment
M1008A, M1008B, M3000A, M3001A, M3002A, 863055, 863057, 863058, 863059, 863060, 863061, 863062, 863063, 863064, 863065, 863066, 863068, 863069, 863070, 863071, 863072, 863073, 863074, 863079, 863080, 863081, 863082, 863275, 863276, 863278, M8105A, M8105AT, M8102A, M2636C, M3535A, M3536A, M3536M, M1350B, M1350C, M2702A, M2703A, M2704A, M2705A, M8105AS
Use with Non-Philips Healthcare Equipment
Product Category
Product Type
Air Hose
CE Certified
Single-Patient Use OR Multi-Patient Use
Multi-Patient Use
Package Weight
.090 kg
Not manufactured with natural rubber latex
Packaging Unit
1 bag = 1 tube
Sterile OR Non-Sterile
Minimum Shelf Life
Use with Other Supplies
Philips NIBP Cuffs
NIBP Air Hose
Air Hose Length
1.5 m (4.9')
Patient Application
Child; Adult