IntelliVue XG50

Bedside patient monitor

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The IntelliVue XG50 spot check patient monitor takes key measurements, of course, but also provides automated charting, easy access to medical records, and automated early warning scoring all at the bedside – allowing you to focus on your patient’s care.

Transform care at the bedside || Effortless mobility

Automated early warning scores

With automated early warning scoring protocols in place, the XG50 allows for simplified management of patients and supports your efforts to return patient care to the bedside.
Information where you need it || Reliable flow of information

Clinical information on the monitor

The large, high-resolution touch-screen display provides convenient access to the EMR and other clinical information systems. Confirm medications, see pending interventions, or cross check the hand-over reort, all without leaving the patient's bedside.
Extend your monitoring || Highly flexible

Flexible measurements adapt quickly

With the XG50, you can extend your spot-check monitoring capabilities to include 12-lead ECG or etCO2 monitoring, giving you the flexibility to adapt quickly to changes in your patient's condition.
Automated demographic data || Versatile data collection

Patient-centered workflow

A single admission workflow is quick and easy using the barcode scanner or RFID tags. Using modular monitoring, the patient information moves with the patient as they ransfer to other deaprtments in the facility.
Empower caregivers with data || Enhanced data viewing

Expended measurements close at hand

With the ability to customize protocols using measurements from the IntelliVue MMS and MMS extensions and laboratory results, plus the ability to create complex warning scores, the XG50 brings actionable information directly to the bedside. Having data close at hand empowers caregivers to identify subtle signs of deterioration promptly and initiate care.