Minicare I-20

Enabling near patient blood testing in the acute care setting

When time counts, make diagnostic decisions on-the-spot from a simple finger prick blood test


Minicare I-20 - on the spot information when you are on-the-spot

Minicare I-20 - on the spot information
when you are on-the-spot

  • Near-patient diagnosis
  • Results within 10 minutes
  • Robust, lab comparable results
  • Sample type flexibility
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Reduced time to discharge of patients
  • Reduced patient stress
  • Results immediately to electronic patient file
  • Better use of hospital resources
  • No Quality Control needed
  • Remote service capabilities

Minicare cTnI delivers workflow efficiencies

Minicare cTnI delivers workflow efficiencies

In the emergency department


When time counts, delivering quicker results could help you increase patient flow, reducing overcrowding in a busy department. Minicare cTnI results can be rapidly available, at the same time as the ECG. You would be able to make vital decisions, on the spot, ruling in or ruling out NSTEMI as quickly as possible. Not only would this improve patient care, but also increase the efficiency of your emergency department.

Troponin-I (cTnI)


We have developed the Minicare Troponin-I (cTnI) blood test specifically to help you triage patients more quickly after they arrive in the emergency department with suspected ACS.
Run on the Philips Minicare fully-automated, point-of-care testing device, the test can easily be taken at the patient’s bedside during their initial cardiac assessment, delivering lab comparable results within minutes.


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Minicare I-20 – How it works

Minicare I-20 – How it works


Based on Philips’ Magnotech biosensor technology, Minicare I-20 measures target molecules in very low concentrations (picomolar) of blood. All assay reagents are contained in the disposable cartridge. Once the sample is applied to the cartridge, it is automatically drawn into the measurement chamber by capillary forces. The entire assay process is carried out by the controlled movement of the magnetic nano-particles within the cartridge using magnetic fields. The process captures only those molecules that relate to the specific antibodies on the particles. Active magnetic assay control in this way enables a precision normally associated with large laboratory analyzers.


Minicare I-20 has already shown promising results performing near patient testing for a wide variety of assays including hormones, drugs and proteins. Its multiplexing capabilities offer the possibility of testing for multiple markers from the same droplet of blood at the same time.

* Product available in selected countries only. Check with your local Philips representative for availability