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I have a Philips product in my home that I think the Philips Museum might be interested in, what can I do?

First of all, it's nice that you're thinking of the Philips Museum. We do not have an archive or depot ourselves, so our collection items are on loan. We borrow them from Stichting Behoud Historische Philips producten (SBHP). You can send them an e-mail with the product, preferably with a picture and the article number. They can then see if they already have the product in their collection.


I have a Philips product for which I have a (technical) question.

For new products, please contact Philips Customer Service. For older products, please contact SBHP or look at various forums.


How long does a visit to the Philips Museum last on average?

This varies per visitor, but on average it is about 1.5 to 2 hours.


Are there lockers or is there another way to store my belongings?

Lockers are available in the museum (with a key). You can use them to store things you do not want to take into the museum. There is also a cloakroom.


Can I visit the museum café without an entrance ticket to the museum?

No, you can only visit the museum café with an entry ticket.


How can I get an entrance ticket?

You can buy an entrance ticket at our reception desk. But if you prefer to buy your ticket in advance, that is also possible. This can be done online via our ticketshop.


Do I have to print my e-ticket?

No, that is not necessary. We can also scan the e-tickets from your phone.


Can I enter for free with a Museumkaart?

Yes, visitors with a Museumkaart can enter free of charge. However, you must have your Museumkaart with you so that it can be scanned. Unfortunately, we cannot let you in with just a membership number (if you forget your card). The Philips Museum is not a selling point for the Museumkaart.


What does it cost to visit the Philips Museum?

All fees are listed on this page.


I'm coming with children, what's there to do for them?

The activities that are fun to do with children are listed on this page. The Lampshade treasure hunt is for children aged 4 and above. Mission Eureka is for the whole family, for children aged 8 and over. It is also possible to do crafts at Museum Kids Factory, which we offer during (almost) every school holiday.


Can I arrange a guided tour for my group?

Certainly, you can! You can book a guided tour online. More information on this page. Not able to visit the museum? We also have online tours.


Can I get a discount if I come with a larger group?

Please contact


Is there a museum shop?

The Philips Museum has a museum shop where you can buy all sorts of Philips souvenirs. There is also a nice collection of books on Philips-related subjects. You can also visit the shop without an entrance ticket. Not able to come by? There is also a webshop, where you can buy (almost) everything online. For now, we only ship to Dutch postal addresses.


I -or someone in my party- have a disability. Have you made arrangements for this?

The Philips Museum is wheelchair friendly. There is also a wheelchair available which you can reserve in advance. You can do this by calling our general number 040-2359030. There is also a lift. People in wheelchairs do not need to buy an entrance ticket. Do you want to buy your tickets in advance? Then you can indicate that you are coming with a free ticket and you do not have to pay.


Is the Philips Museum easily accessible?

The Philips Museum is in the heart of Eindhoven city centre. It's a 5-minute walk from Eindhoven Central Station.


Can I park my car near the museum?

The museum itself does not have parking facilities. There are several (paid) parking garages in the vicinity of the museum. For example, Q-Park Centrum De Admirant, Q-Park Witte Dame, Q-Park Mathildelaan. A little further from the museum, but with a somewhat cheaper (daily) rate, you can divert to the parking garage of the Philips Stadium and Car Park de Rungraaf.


When is Museum Kids Factory available?

During (almost) all school holidays there is Museum Kids Factory in the museum. This is a special activity for children to get them enthusiastic about technology. You can find more information and the current dates on this page.


Which tickets can or should I buy in advance for Museum Kids Factory?

It is recommended to buy tickets for Museum Kids Factory in advance. You then buy an entrance ticket for the whole group and an MKF ticket for the children who will participate in the activity for a small fee. You then also choose a time slot to come and do crafts. You can also arrange this at the desk, but then there is a chance that the time slots are full.


How is the supervision organized?

There are volunteers to help the children with their craft project. One parent (or guardian) stays with the child or children to keep an eye on them.


I want to come for a business meeting, how can I arrange that?

There are several options. We rent out a conference room in which presentations or other meetings can be held. We can also open the museum exclusively and there are various breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Please look at this page.


I want to visit with my school, how can I arrange that?

We have various programmes for school groups, both for primary and secondary schools. On this page you can find an overview. You can also book these programmes online or email for more information.


I was in the Philips Museum and I feel like I'm missing some products, can I report this?

You can send an e-mail to It is true that due to our limited square metres, we must make certain choices. Certainly not all products can be exhibited. For a complete overview of the products, please visit Stichting Behoud Historische Philips producten (SBHP).


I have visited the Philips Museum and have a complaint, who can I contact?

I'm sorry that something was not to your liking. We would like to hear from you. In the museum itself, you can always speak to one of the staff. You can also send an e-mail to


I lost something during my visit to the Philips Museum, what should I do?

You can call our general number (040-2359030) or send an e-mail to We will then immediately look at our lost property.


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The Philips Museum is accessible for wheelchair and mobility scooter

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