What can artificial intelligence do for you?

There is a lot of blogging, talking and fantasizing about Artificial Intelligence. But what exactly is it? And what can it do for us? And what has been Philips' contribution to its genesis? The Philips Museum presents brAInpower, an exhibition about artificial intelligence (AI). The exhibition explores and provides answers to the above questions and shows its impact on our daily lives.

The cooperation of humans and AI is the focus of the exhibition: the brain qualities of humans combined with AI: Brain + AI = Power. This leads to innovations on many fronts.

Philips' history with AI goes back to the development of the electron tube. This tube emerged from the light bulb and was a step towards the development of the transistor and microchips. These innovations, crucial to today's computing power and data storage, are at the heart of the AI revolution.

Explore AI at the Philips Museum  

In the brAInpower exhibition, there is much to learn and read, but also to experience. For example, visitors can create personal artwork based on their emotions and with the help of AI. They can also generate their own ideas with images and discover the difference between an MRI scan with and without the use of artificial intelligence. Extraordinarily, visitors will also encounter "talking" Gerard and Anton Philips.

The exhibition offers more, visitors are able to build their dream house using AI as well as get to make impactful choices for self-driving cars. There are also various games such as "AI of Nie" in which to participate, as well as positioning a body when taking an X-ray. At the end of the exhibition, visitors are invited to reflect; What does artificial intelligence mean to you?


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