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Exhibition on Gerard Philips: founder, inspirator, innovator  


The temporary exhibition Gerard offers a glimpse into the thoughts and actions of Philips' founder. With an eye for technology, entrepreneurship and fellow human beings, Gerard was an extraordinary man who, more than 130 years ago, laid the foundation for the international company that grew into a global concern. To this day, Gerard's passion for innovation and entrepreneurship remains an inspiration.

Flip through the 1893 notebook yourself and get closer to Gerard's thought process and experiments. His notebook is one of the few physical objects that is well preserved, as many of Gerard's physical objects were destroyed during bombing raids in World War II. It is therefore very special that this notebook is now available for all to see.

Meet Gerard
Gerard Philips (1858-1942) was an engineer and technician, but also had a tremendous sense of entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility. With the help of his father, Gerard started a light bulb factory in 1891 in the heart of Eindhoven, which today houses the Philips Museum. He soon distinguished himself from other manufacturers, who often supplied complete electrical installations. Gerard sees a competitive advantage through far-reaching specialization and mass production of a single product: the light bulb.

Gerard concentrates on efficiently manufacturing a high-quality filament, assembling the lamps and further mechanization of the production process. He also constantly responds to new developments and groundbreaking innovations. This approach lays the foundation for future success. Throughout his working life, Gerard remains concerned with the quality of manufacturing processes. His motto is: "If the quality is there, the quantity comes naturally".

Exhibition Gerard Philips can be seen from April 5, 2023.
For more information about the exhibition, read the news article.

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