Mathieu Clement Collection

Donating the Mathieu
Clement collection to the Philips archives

Mathieu Clement (1905-1929), a gifted artist and graphic designer, made special advertising designs commissioned by Philips. On Thursday, September 15, 2022, original works and some of Clement's preliminary studies were donated to the Philips archives.

The handover took place at the Philips Museum, where the temporary exhibition Eyecatchers on Philips Graphic Art 1910-1965 is currently on display. This temporary exhibition shows original printed materials of strong graphic designs made by well-known artists and designers such as Louis Kalff, Mathieu Clement, Albert Hahn, Leo Gestel and A.M. Cassandre.

Artist Mathieu Clement
Mathieu Clement was employed by Philips until 1929 and made advertising designs of loudspeakers, plate voltage devices, lamps and radios. He surprised and inspired with his advertising designs. A talented young man, who sadly died at the age of 23 from the effects of adrenalitis.

The works of this almost forgotten designer are powerful and have their own signature, while at the same time showing the influence of Kalff and the prevailing art movements. Immediately after HBS, the young Clement started working in the Artistic Propaganda department of Philips under the direction of Louis Kalff, who in turn recognized Clement's talent. In Clement's work, the influence of his time is very recognizable. Think Art Deco and Constructivism. Under the guidance of Kalff, Clement created beautiful advertisements for Philips.   

Handover of the collection
Following the Eyecatchers exhibition, the Clement family decided to donate the works to Philips. The donation consists of dozens of original prints of brochures, leaflets and packaging and some preliminary studies he painted.

The work by the artist, who passed away almost one hundred years ago, is a special find within the family and was found in the estate of Mathieu van Berkum, who was named after him and died in 2019. The work was stuck in an old album. Upon restoring the work, the quality proved startling.

Olga Coolen, Director Philips Museum: "We are very pleased with this special donation here at the Philips Museum. Through the good care of the Clement family and the collecting passion of Mr. Wilbrink, such a beautiful collection can be housed in the Philips company archives."

"The collection will be preserved for posterity and can also be exhibited on special occasions. A valuable treasure for Eindhoven as a Design City."

Ans van Berkum, family member of Clement: "Through Philips collector Frans Wilbrink, we came into contact with the Philips Museum, where the works of Mathieu Clement fitted in the exhibition Eyecatchers that was being prepared at the time.”

“Our experience with the museum has been so positive that the now proposed donation is a logical step. The professionalism and atmosphere of the museum have convinced us that this is the right way to go. In this way, the work will be well preserved and studied."

Due to its success, the exhibition Eyecatchers at the Philips Museum will be extended until March 2023. A monograph on the life of Mathieu Clement and his work has been published to accompany the exhibition. This book is available in the museum shop or in the webshop of the Philips Museum.

Poster Radio, ontworpen door Mathieu Clement. Copyright Clement Heirs.

Poster Radio, created by Mathieu Clement. Copyright Clement Heirs.

Voorstudie in plakkaatverf, niet uitgevoerd ontwerp van Mathieu Clement, ca. 1929.

Preliminary study in gouache, unexecuted design by Mathieu Clement, ca. 1929. (copyright Royal Philips N.V.)

Donating the Mathie Clement collection

On Thursday, September 15, the Clement family presented works by graphic designer Mathieu Clement to Philips Company Archives.

Campagnebeeld Eyecatchers

Campaign image exhibition Eyecatchers. Due to success, exhibition Eyecatchers in the Philips Museum will be extended until March 2023.


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