Celebrate 70 years of television  

Philips was a pioneer in the field of television and had been experimenting in the NatLab since the late 1920s. Television did not start in Hilversum or Bussum, but in Eindhoven.

From 1948 to 1951, Philips provided 264 experimental TV broadcasts. With that knowledge and experience, and thanks to a strong lobby towards the government and radio broadcasters by the Philips management, national television started on October 2, 1951.


To celebrate 70 years of national television, a number of activities are planned.

Craft your own TV weekend 2 and 3 October

Children from 6 years old can get started with the theme 'television'. For example, they can make a
television out of cardboard themselves, they can make a diorama or a Zoetrope (a drawing in a round shape, with which you can make your own animation). And there is also a Picture Tube Babbelbox to be able to record videos yourself.


Do you want to come by? Very nice!

The activity is free (except for your museum ticket). You can walk in & participate between 11am – 1.15pm and 1.45pm – 4pm. Up to 8 children can work at the tables at the same time. To give each other a little space, it is nice if only one parent per family comes along. The crafting takes a maximum of 1.5 hours.


Coloring page

There is a coloring page ready for our (small) visitors. To stay in the theme at home for a while, you can color in a television with a so-called 'test image' on it. The image that used to appear on television when you had to wait a while for the broadcast. Are you unable to visit the museum? Download your coloring page here.


Online Tours on 2 and 3 October

there are (free) online guided tours at 8.30 pm. From your couch, with your laptop or tablet on your lap, you can watch through the eyes of museum curator Sergio Derks. He takes you into the history of 130 years of Philips and tells the special story of 70 years of national television.

Do you want to attend the online tour? 
There are two options to join:


  • You register for the Dutch Media Week (DMW), the tours are part of their programming. The registration is free of charge. You can then immediately view the entire DMW program, including the online tour of the Philips Museum. To be found in the 'Eindhoven' program. Register your tour here at Dutch Media Week


Mini lecture
In the weekend of 9 and 10 October you can follow a mini-lecture about the technical background of 70 years of national television. The mini-lectures are on both days at 12:00 and 14:00 and are free for all museum visitors.

Test image exhibition
Artist Markus Genesius creates works of art that are inspired by the Philips test pattern. Between September 16 and October 3, you can see some of his works in the museum. For a life-size test image experience, you can also go to the Videolab building in Eindhoven. There he will make a mural of 400m2. More information about this project can be found here.

More news:


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