Philips @DDW 2020: the real stories behind our design(er)s


Design shapes the world as we know it. The chair you sit on, the screen you look at, the trousers you wear; everything has been designed. 


This year, design is all about redesign. If nothing is as it used to be, redesign can help us adapt to the new reality. Even Dutch Design Week (DDW), for years a fixture in Eindhoven, the Netherlands and far beyond, is undergoing a redesign. All exhibitions go virtual and take place at a fixed time.


Philips Experience Design goes virtual

With more than 95 years of experience and over 500 designers, Philips Experience Design is one of the largest & most diverse of its kind in the world. And we like to show this at DDW, held annually in the cradle of Philips - Eindhoven. Our own Sean Carney, Head of Design at Philips, is one of the three special ambassadors of DDW 2020.


Stories behind our designs

We believe that design can really make a difference to Philips' mission: to improve people's lives. We live in a world with escalating healthcare costs, a growing shortage of qualified staff and medical equipment, and where 50% of the population still do not have access to basic healthcare that they need. And then there's a global pandemic. These trends are forcing us, now more than ever, to reinvent healthcare. Time for a redesign. 


Register for our LIVE Design Talks

During Dutch Design Week you can hear the story behind thirteen Philips designs. On our special DDW 2020 site you'll find all the stories behind our designs and designers. You can also sign up for LIVE Design Talks; every day during DDW, from October 10-25, one of our top talents gives you a glimpse behind the scenes of working at Philips. 


Design Talk from the Philips Museum

You can register for the Design Talk by Sergio Derks, curator of the Philips Museum. He talks about 95 years of Philips Experience Design and will present this from a special place: the place where the very first Philips factory stood, now the Philips Museum.


DDW takes place from 17 to 25 October 2020.


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