New! Philips Design Tour

Launch Philips Design Tour


The Philips Museum has a new augmented reality tour: the Philips Design Tour. As of Friday, December 1, with the help of a tablet, every visitor will be able to explore the world of Philips Design and to discover the vision behind iconic products – from the first graphic design posters by Louis Kalff in 1925 and timeless design classics right up to the Philips solutions of the present day.

A museum within a museum

The extra layer of ‘reality’ added by the augmented reality gives rise to a new museum inside the existing museum, as it were. The Philips Museum has created a unique museum experience by enabling interaction through games and creating virtual spaces through which visitors can navigate. Sergio Derks, curator of the Philips Museum: “This enables us to tempt visitors – almost in a playful way – to step inside the rich world of Philips’ design. The Design Tour shows visitors art deco radios and an MRI treatment room, for example, and it also lets them travel back to 1958 to visit the futuristic Philips Pavilion at the Expo ‘58 World Fair.”

Realistic experience thanks to ARKit
The Philips Design Tour is based on ARKit. ARKit represents a revolution in augmented reality. This tool makes it possible to map spaces with extreme precision and to layer them with virtual objects in a realistic way. Furthermore, ARKit also makes it possible to create entire virtual spaces through which people can navigate with the help of an iPad.

You can experience the Philips Design Tour from Friday, December 1. Participation in the tour costs €5 per person for the hire of the iPad plus a valid entry ticket to the Philips Museum.

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