Visas to freedom

Exhibition about Jan Zwartendijk     


On September 18 - the Liberation Day of Eindhoven - the Philips Museum opened an exhibition about Jan Zwartendijk, Visas to freedom. As a Dutch consul in Lithuania, "Mister Radio Philips" saved thousands of Jews by issuing them "modified" visas in 1940. This allowed them to flee the country in the nick of time. Visas to freedom is an exhibition about this special man, with eyewitness accounts from survivors.


Jan Zwartendijk, in 1940 branch director of Philips and deputy consul in Lithuania, turned out to be an indispensable link in the flight of thousands of Jews. For days he issued visas, which allowed Jewish refugees to make a long journey to safer places. He himself did not think his actions were heroic, rather something that everyone would have done in the same position.


It was only after his death that people's survival stories surfaced and he was posthumously awarded the honors due to him such as the Yad Vashem award. In June this year, a monument was unveiled to him in the presence of King Willem-Alexander in Kaunas, the then capital of Lithuania.


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