Bus tour

Bus tour of historic Philips heritage sites
How Philips helped to build Eindhoven

The Eindhoven Center for Architecture (Architectuurcentrum Eindhoven) and the Philips Museum have devised a special bus tour around Philips heritage sites in Eindhoven. Expert guides will talk you through the rich Philips history and they will also point out the current developments as well.

There was a time when Philips literally shaped Eindhoven. The lamp manufacturer − and later electronics multinational – in effect built a new Philips town next door to the city of Eindhoven. The different types of Philips buildings, which have helped define the city’s identity, are now nearly all being put to new use. This is helping to preserve the city’s cultural and architectural heritage.


It is perfectly possible to combine the bus tour with a guided tour of the permanent exhibition.

How to book  

For more information contact our Booking Office at: boekingen-museum@philips.com

Price: € 100.00 (including 2 guides)
Language spoken: Dutch or English.
Duration: approx. 45 to 60 minutes
N.B.: groups must arrive at the Philips Museum with their own transport, e.g. bus or coach. Read our route description for busses before you arrive.


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