Emerging Businesses

Emerging Businesses

Developing integrated solutions

We have many unsolved problems in medicine which impact our loved ones and people around us. Cancer remains a big challenge. Mortality due to cancer remains very high and our treatment choices today are expensive and non-specific.


We still don’t exactly know the source code for what triggers cancer. With other chronic diseases like heart disease, our time to triage is long and still dependent on the lab. Neuro and cognitive health issues impact both the young and the elderly, and we probably still have some way to go in truly understanding neuro motor function and cognition.


As part of Strategy and Innovation in Philips, the Business Group Emerging Businesses pursues selected health-related business opportunities and harnesses the power of our research and intellectual property to address some of these unsolved problems in medicine through technology. We focus on innovating at the intersection between supportive technologies and current care models that drive improved outcomes, higher patient satisfaction/engagement and reductions in overall cost of care.


At Philips, innovation and research have been at the core of the company’s DNA since its founding in 1891.

Emerging businesses
We have a huge opportunity to change the world with these businesses.Talent will make or break what we realize out of this dream.”

Krishna Kumar

BG Leader Emerging Businesses