Xplore & TMA Pathology Research Suite

Xplore & TMA

Pathology Research Suite

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Access, import, store, and search large volumes of genomic, molecular and analytic data associated with researching digital pathology images.

Share studies around the globe
Share studies around the globe

Share studies around the globe

Xplore helps connect researchers around the globe. Create, manage, interrogate, and share individual and collaborative studies with a single click across a range of web-based devices.
Flexible and customizable studies || Xplore and TMA

Flexible and customizable studies

User configurable hierarchy of studies/projects/cases/slides/data. Organize and manage large sets of images with customizable data fields and datasets.
Search and filter data || Xplore and TMA

Search and filter data

Harness the power of Xplore to identify trends and outliers across all research data. From scoring and image analysis results, biomarkers and epidemiological data, the search engine in Xplore allows you to quickly find what you are looking for.
Support for common image formats || Xplore and TMA

Support for common image formats

Xplore’s viewer natively supports most commonly used digital slide formats, as well as microscope images. Support for both brightfield and fluorescent images, on both desktop and tablet.
Biomarker scoring on TMA’s || Xplore and TMA

Biomarker scoring on TMA’s

Xplore’s add on module, TMA, supports scoring of both whole slide scans or separated cores. Step from one core to another, pause and restart scoring, with Xplore always keeping track of where you are on the TMA. Create Virtual TMA’s, allowing multiple users to score selected cores across multiple recipient blocks in a single study.
  • ¹ Xplore & TMA are research application and not for use in diagnostic procedures.
  • ² PathXL is the legal manufacturer of Xplore & TMA and is a Philips company.