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Pathology Education Suite

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Develop microscopy courses and related exams with digital slides, then share them easily across networks and access via your mobile platforms.

Access to courses anywhere || Tutor and OLT Pathology educat

Access to courses anywhere

Imagine creating a course where your entire slide set is online and able to be viewed by your students at any time, anywhere in the world, from university to home. No downloads or plug-ins required.
Tablet learning || Tutor and OLT Pathology educat

Tablet learning

Learning material that is available on the go is no longer a ‘nice to have,’ it is essential. Extend Tutor’s access to mobile platforms with the optional tablet viewing module. Tutor allows users to use gesture controls specifically for tablet, for a natural experience. All training material generated via a Tutor account is accessible via the tablet.
Support common image formats || Tutor and OLT Pathology educat

Support common image formats

Tutors powerful viewer supports all of the common third party digital slide formats, as well as microscope images.
Embed Multi-media || Tutor and OLT Pathology educat

Embed Multi-media

Tutor allows course creators the option to incorporate various multimedia files including streaming videos, presentations, sound files, PDFs and Office documents.

Educational suite

Philips pathology education suite consists of two software products that provide an excellent platform for digital pathology teaching, training, and assessment.

Tutor - Tool for course development

With over 35,000 users worldwide, Tutor is one of the leading education software for online education and training in pathology and normal histology. Our Tutor module provides you with all the tools required to author and build virtual microscopy courses. 

OLT - Online testing and examination generation module

The OLT module is a perfect add-on to Tutor when you want to manage assessments and examinations. It provides a simple, intuitive way to ensure fairness for students/trainees and reduce the administrative burden on staff. 

IntelliSite is an automated digital pathology image creation, management and analysis system comprising of an ultra-fast pathology slide scanner, an image management system and case viewer, this is complemented by advanced software tools to manage the scanning, storage, presentation, analysis, and sharing of information.
  • ¹ Products are for research use only and not for use in diagnostic procedures.
  • ² PathXL is the legal manufacturer of the education suite and is a Philips company.