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Xper Data Analysis

Data analysis software

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Xper Information Management Data Analysis is an intuitive solution designed to transform cath lab department and clinical data into accurate, accessible, and valuable information. Find deficiencies and improvements, and enhance management.

Filter builder || Provides information

Filter builder to easily create SQL statements

The filter builder walks you through the process of creating an SQL statement for a query, and you can even view and edit SQL for use in third-party software. Xper Data Analysis makes it easy to get to the information you need.
User-centric report generator || Simplifies tasks

User-centric report generator for unlimited, custom reports

With Xper Data Analysis, you can create virtually any cath lab statistical report. That's because Xper Information Management's query module features an ad hoc query builder that allows you to generate an unlimited number of reports. Simply group and filter database fields to obtain detailed centric navigation and easy export feature make reporting a snap.
Helps you identify all charges || Boosts revenue

Helps you identify all charges to help boost revenue

Xper Data Analysis helps increase your department's revenue by helping you identify all charges at the point-of-care.
Queries and filters || Provides information

Queries and filters provide understanding

With Xper Data Analysis, you have the ability to build highly intricate queries that help you understand your department better. Users can filter, group, and sort data elements to create bar graphs, pie charts, matrixes, and list displays. Data can be mined from any field in the database.
Xper Connect interface || Boosts revenue

Xper Connect interface helps expedite billing

Charges are collected throughout procedures and can be automatically sent back to the hospital mainframe for fast action via the optional Xper Connect interface family. This way, Xper Data Analysis helps shorten your billing cycle.
Xper Data Analysis || Provides information

Xper Data Analysis helps you define what needs to be done

The reports created by Xper Data Analysis empower you with the ability to identify deficiencies, as well as areas that have improved. From time management reports to total cost by physician summaries to revenue by procedure details, Xper Information Data Analysis helps you manage your department proficiently and cost effectively.
Time management reporting || Provides information

Time management reporting helps improve patient management

Xper Data Analysis provides information for enhancing the patient management process. Time management reports allow you to identify deficiencies and improvements, helping you boost your department's efficiency.

Simplify your workflow


Xper Information Management offers a highly configurable cardiovascular workflow solution for the cath lab. This innovative software suite presents a variety of innovations for reporting, scheduling, inventory, and intelligent data management.