Interventional Hemodynamic system

Improving workflow in the interventional lab

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Brings advanced hemodynamic measurements into the interventional lab to support clinical decision making. Users in the control room can perform hemodynamic analyses and display them in the exam room. Displaying all relevant physiologic waveforms and analyses supports you in making a real-time assessment of the patient’s condition during an intervention.

  • Results obtained during usability study performed in December 2016. The study involved 33 participants. Participants were spread evenly over technologist/nurses and physicians. To evaluate benefits of the multi-user capabilities of the new system design and user satisfaction, its novel design was tested by participants that had relevant working experience in the interventional lab and who had not previously used the new system.
  • Philips Hemo system is not yet available for sale in United States, Canada, China, Japan, Russia, Korea, Montenegro, Brazil, Bosnia and Taiwan. Please check with a local Philips sales team for availability in your country.
  • For the availability of the iFR functionality on Philips Hemo system, please check with your local Philips sales representative.