WeePee diapers Infant Soothing

WeePee diapers

Infant Soothing

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Philips Children's Medical Ventures developed these diapers specifically for premature infants to help even the smallest babies enjoy increased comfort and developmentally appropriate positioning.

Soft elastic leg gathers

Soft elastic leg gathers

The WeePee diapers have double-stranded leg gathers. They're made of soft elastic that enhances comfort and provides a snug fit that helps minimize leaks.
Super absorbent

Super absorbent to keep moisture away from baby's skin

The WeePee diapers can absorb up to 70cc of liquid depending on size. Size XS - 25cc; size S - 50cc; size M - 70cc.
Refastenable closures

Refastenable closures provide the right fit

The closures are soft and flexible, helping you provide a great fit and excellent comfort. The closures will not stick to baby's skin.

Design helps promote developmentally appropriate positioning

Specifically designed for premature infants to provide a proper fit.
  • *Available in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Latin America.