IntelliVue Bedside patient monitor

IntelliVue MX700

Bedside patient monitor

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Philips IntelliVue MX700 bedside patient monitor offers an expanded, real-time view of your patients’ vital signs. The integrated PC (iPC) option brings a host of clinically relevant information from your hospital’s intranet & applications.

Integrated PC (iPC) option || An expanded view

Integrated PC (iPC) option to access broad patient information

Use the expanded view with integrated PC option to access comprehensive patient information from sources such as Intellispace Critical Care and Anesthesia, iSite, and CVIS, as well as other clinical informatics solutions from others.
Clinical Decision Support || Simplifies clinical workflow

Clinical Decision Support to enhance patient care

A broad range of Clinical Decision Support tools and applications allow clinicians to enhance patient care in meaningful ways. Use Advanced Event Surveillance to create event-trigger groups to help identify subtle changes in a patient’s condition, or use ProtocolWatch for sepsis screening.
Smooth surfaces || Supports efforts to reduce cro

Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning

With smooth surfaces, minimal seams, and approved for use with a variety of cleaning agents¹, this monitor is simple to clean, which supports your efforts in infection control. As fan blades are likely to accumulate and distribute dust and pathogens, the optional integrated PC features passive cooling with no internal fan, helping you in your battle against nosocomial infections.
Wide 15" screen || An expanded view

Wide 15" screen to help you see more

A wide 15” screen, intuitive user interface, and flexible screen options are designed to enhance diagnostic confidence and workflow. A single display with integrated patient monitoring and relevant clinical information means space savings and fewer cables.
Custom alarms || Simplifies clinical workflow

Custom alarms to speed response

This monitor allows alarms to be easily customized and transmitted to clinicians through the hospital paging system.
Part of IntelliVue family || An expanded view

Part of IntelliVue family to protect your investment

This monitor works easily with your existing Philips IntelliVue patient monitors, to make training and use as simple as possible. They are highly configurable and widely scalable, and integrate easily with your IT environment.
Intuitive visualization || Simplifies clinical workflow

Intuitive visualization to support faster treatment

The more intuitive visualization of existing data can expedite recognition of deteriorating conditions, potentially speeding time to treatment.
  • ¹Refer to the MX700 patient monitor Instructions for Use for a detailed list of approved cleaning agents