SureSigns Vital signs monitor

SureSigns VS3

Vital signs monitor

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Because the SureSigns VS3 user interface is intuitive and easy to use, you can focus on what matters most — patient care and comfort. The SureSigns VS3 offers peace of mind and flexibility, in a package that's as easy to love as it is to use.

Time-saving features || Versatile data capture

Time-saving features to simplify tasks

The innovative pop-up screens, fixed keys, and icon-based menus provide quick access to frequently used features. A trim knob provides easy navigation through settings.
Improved battery management || Dependable and practical

Improved battery management clearly shows status

A clearly visible icon is lit when the battery is plugged in/charging so that caregivers can easily see when the device is available for use.
Scrollable list of patient records || Easy to read and use

Scrollable list of patient records stores up to 400 records

Easily scroll to your patient's record. Up to 400 patient records can be stored on this monitor.
QuickCheck || Versatile data capture

QuickCheck to simplify workflow

Caregiver authentication and patient record validation at the bedside, plus patient record review before export to EHR simplifies clinician workflow.
Two temperature options || Versatile data capture

Two temperature options offer flexibility

Tympanic temperature or preditive temperature options offer flexibility when recording patient temperature.
Optional Philips SpO2 technology || Versatile data capture

Optional Philips SpO2 technology supports diverse sensors

Philips SpO2 technology includes a FAST-based SpO2 algorithm and is compatible with a wide variety of adult, pediatric, and neonatal sensors.
2D bar-code scanner || Versatile data capture

2D bar-code scanner for quick patient ID entry

The J5872D bar-code scanner can be programmed with multiple ID fields. An option allows automatic or prompted patient ID entry with a bar code scanner.