Allura Xper X-ray system

Allura Xper FD20/10

X-ray system

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Gain exceptional insight for challenging neurovascular interventions. Philips Allura Xper FD20/10 biplane neuro X-ray system combines superb flat detector image quality with advanced interventional tools.

Flat Detector Technology

Flat Detector Technology with 2k imaging resolution

The 2k Flat Detector captures information at a resolution four times greater than conventional X-ray systems to support confident decision making. It delivers crisp, virtually distortion-free visualization of small details and objects.
Live 3D Guidance || Live Image Guidance

Live 3D Guidance for extra insight

Dynamic 3D roadmap and XperGuide give you Live 3D guidance capabilities that provide enhanced clinical insight and navigation for tortuous vasculature. All controlled tableside on the biplane neuro X-ray system.
Xper user interface || Intuitive design

Xper user interface simplifies procedures

Philips Xper user Interface has an intuitive and ergonomic design that streamlines procedures and helps clinicians stay focused.
Full body coverage || Superb image quality and cover

Full body coverage for excellent access

Philips unique biplane geometry provides full body coverage for neurovascular and vascular interventions.
Integrated 3D solution

Integrated 3D solution for real-time reconstructions

This biplane system offers an integrated 3D solution which allows “real-time” 3D reconstructions. This supports challenging neuro interventions.
XperCT || Live Image Guidance

XperCT for CT-like imaging in the lab

XperCT provides CT-like imaging in the neuro suite that enables clinicians to assess soft tissue, bone structure and other body structures before, during or after an interventional procedure.
Personalized settings || Intuitive design

Personalized settings reduces mouse clicks

Each physician can personalize their settings for specific vascular and neurovascular interventions.