Frederick T. Frog, Wipeable with covers Frederick T Frog

Frederick T. Frog, Wipeable with covers

Frederick T Frog

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The Frederick T. Frog family of positioning aids includes versatile, frog-shaped beanbags designed by a NICU nurse to help achieve clinicians’ goals for developmentally supportive positioning. “Freddy” may be placed around the head, neck or hips, or used to position an extremity.  Portions of the aid can be adjusted separately for special positioning needs, used as an extra set of hands during procedures or to assist with a facilitative tuck.  The Frederick T. Frog weighs about 1 pound (453.6 grams), and the full weight should not be placed on an infant or used in place of the Prone Plus. The Frederick T. Frog, Wipeable’s polyethylene beads are encased in a stain-resistant, antimicrobial, fluid-proof poly-knit case, tested for durability with many standard cleaning solutions. This style of Freddy can be covered with either a launderable or a disposable cover, both of which are designed to be developmentally-appropriate for a baby’s soft skin.

Technische specificaties

Product details
Product details
Package Weight
  • 0.4531kg
Patient Application
  • Infant/ Neonate
Product Type
  • Frederick T Frog
  • Yes
Product Category
  • Positioning
Single-Patient Use OR Multi-Patient Use
  • Multi-Patient Use
Packaging Unit
  • 6/Case
Sterile or Non-Sterile
  • Non-Sterile
  • Yes
  • Product may not be available in all geographies, please check with your Philips representative for complete portfolio availability.