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WristOx2 Wrist-worn Pulse Oximeter


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WristOx2 is a wrist-worn pulse oximeter that has been developed to deliver highly accurate readings and help reduce the difficulties that can be associated with overnight oximetry studies.


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Enhanced memory || Enhanced design

Enhanced memory for longer studies

Enhanced memory for longer studies
SoftSensor || Patient-friendly

SoftSensor for increased patient comfort

SoftSensor for increased patient comfort
Longer battery life || Enhanced design

Longer battery life allows more data collection

The WristOx2 is designed to use standard batteries for a longer battery life.
Bluetooth enabled || Enhanced design

Bluetooth enabled for wireless data transfer

Bluetooth enabled for wireless data transfer
Easy to assemble and use || Enhanced design

Easy to assemble and use for patients at home

For overnight oximetry studies, WristOx2 is easy to set up. The patient simply installs two standard AAA batteries, attaches the wrist strap, inserts the sensor, and places the sensor on her fingertip. WristOx2 automatically turns on upon finger insertion.
Wrist strap || Enhanced design

Wrist strap for versatility

The WristOx2's versatile design and wrist strap make it the ideal choice for multiple applications: overnight studies, remote wireless monitoring, and ambulatory monitoring.

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General system
Dimensions (without sensor or strap)
56 mm W x 74 mm H x 20 mm T (2.2" W x 2.91" H x .79" T)
Weight (with batteries and wrist strap)
71 g (2.5 oz)
WristOx2 carries a three-year warranty while the Soft Sensor is covered for two years
Oxygen saturation range
0 to 100%
Pulse rate range
18 to 300 beats per minute
Numeric displays
3-digit indicators
Pulse indicators
pulse strength bar graph
Blood oxygen saturation
70 to 100% ±2 digits**
Pulse rate range
±3 %
Operating temperature
-5°C to 40°C (23° to 104°F)
Storage/transportation temperature
-40°C to 70°C (40° to 158°F)
Up to 1,080 hours at 4 seconds data storage rate/Up to 540 hours at 2 second data storage rate/ Up to 270 hours at 1 second data storage rate hr
Operating humidity
10 to 95% noncondensing %
Storage/transportation humidity
10 to 95% noncondensing %
Battery life
Operating without Bluetooth
48 hours minimum hr
Operating with Bluetooth***
24 hours minimum hr
9 mon
Operating altitude
Up to 12,1923 m (40,000')
Power requirements
Two 1.5V alkaline AAA batteries