Super Soothie pacifier, natural scent, blue Infant soothing

Super Soothie pacifier, natural scent, blue

Infant soothing

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Similar to Soothie, but more durable, the Super Soothie is a premium pacifier designed for babies with teeth. It is not manufactured with BPA, DEHP or natural rubber latex. Its one-piece construction adheres to AAP* guidelines. Natural scent, blue color.

Technische specificaties

Product details
Product details
Product Category
  • Calming and soothing
Product Type
  • Pacifiers
Patient Application
  • Infants
  • Yes
Single-Patient Use OR Multi-Patient Use
  • Single-Patient Use
Sterile or Non-Sterile
  • Non-Sterile
Packaging Unit
  • 100/Case
Package Weight
  • 0.0045kg
  • *The trademark AAP is owned by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Citation to the AAP policy statement and use of its trademark are not intended to imply an endorsement of these products by the AAP in any manner whatsoever. AAP policy statements are subject to change without notice. Please see for more information about the AAP and its policies.
  • Product may not be available in all geographies, please check with your Philips representative for complete portfolio availability.