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IntelliSpace Portal
Multiple advanced tools
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A single solution for the most complex patients 
IntelliSpace Portal is a comprehensive advanced analysis solution providing a broad view of your patient designed to optimize your diagnosis. We understand that you are currently working in a workstation-based imaging environment, which can not only hamper clinical workflows as your stakeholders wait for stations to become available, but also offer overhead challenges as you manage multiple service contracts, licensing agreements and more. By moving to a server-based imaging environment with IntelliSpace Portal, you benefit from a unified view of the patient on one screen, which helps you answer questions fast with high-quality images, advanced analysis, workflow efficiency and collaboration tools. 

Upgrading to IntelliSpace Portal from a Workstation offers a host of benefits to enhance and improve your clinical and data workflows, including:


  • Scalable concurrent user access for up to 100 users
  • Access from any client within the hospital network
  • Multiple-modality usage
  • PACS integration
  • Preprocessing and improved pre-fetching rules
  • Remote access
  • Single sign-on with IntelliSpace PACS
isp 9
A single solution for the most complex patients 

A single solution for the most complex patients 


Operating in a workstation-based imaging environment offers several structural challenges that can be improved through a step up to a server-based imaging environment. When workstations are tied to specific scanners, post-processing workflows can be delayed while waiting for a workstation to become available. This can create bottlenecks in your analysis environment, which delays treatment and care as well as lengthening hospitalization stays. 

Working faster

Saving time with applications on IntelliSpace Portal
40 percent faster symbol
Improved efficiency in fMRI workup using IviewBOLD versus in-house procedure, and using ISP versus EWS for Cardiac LV evaluation
28 seconds performed manually
Work 31% faster(3) with fewer mouse clicks using Smart Display Protocols on Multi-Modality Viewer
77 percent time savings
Multi Modality Advanced Vessel Analysis (AVA) reduces the manual time-to-results by 77% for neuro (head/neck) and body CT angiography (CTA)

What does IntelliSpace Portal offer?

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Clinical capabilities

Discover insights into the body’s most complex organ with a new longitudinal and

comparative application® optimized for neurology. Plus integration of the CorTechs Labs, Inc. NeuroQuant® application keeps you at the forefront of clinical practice.

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Greater clinical depth

Based on customer feedback, Philips continues to enhance the diagnostic capabilities of your existing clinical applications for improved workflow and clinical depth.
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More integrated

Now enjoy rapid, and real-time access to support under enhanced service agreements.  Plus connectivity is now even smoother with the Philips suite of Healthcare Informatics solutions.  IntelliSpace Portal has enhanced VMware® scalability and improved prefetch and preprocessing capabilities to streamline your workflow. Integration with IntelliSpace Cardiovascular suite brings advanced analysis even to the cardiac suite.
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Improved workflow

Machine learning capabilities allow IntelliSpace Portal to predict your usage patterns and preprocess patient data before you even open a study.  IntelliSpace Portal applications have been further optimized for stable, and faster performance.  Improved Key Image Noes help you communicate findings with ease.  Plus the Philips KnowledgeScape application offers the latest real-time tips on application usability during a case.
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A suite of spectral applications

Designed for the IQon Spectral CT scanner, the IntelliSpace Portal now includes a full suite of CT spectral applications, and will be a platform for more in the future.

Let us know if you would like to hear more about how IntelliSpace Portal can enhance your workflow.


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(3) Measured in a comparison study, Montpellier, France, 2015
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