And then there was light

Hands-on program of lessons about light  

For children in primary school groups 5/6 and 7 (approx. age 9-11)

The sun is an important source of light, but how did people create light in the years before the incandescent lamp was invented? And what sort of things were made possible by the incandescent lamp? Originally founded in Eindhoven, the Philips company searched for a way to create the perfect light that can mimic the sun as closely as possible

Light has many different properties and the pupils will investigate these themselves. By carrying out different experiments in the museum they will learn, for example, how to produce a lot of light, how to create a rainbow using a lamp … and lots more besides. This program has been developed in conjunction with educational developers at the Eindhoven University of Technology for juniors (TU/e Junior) and includes competencies from the educational series on cultural heritage entitled 'Erfgoededucatie' (core targets 51, 52, 53, 55 and 56).

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