'Innovation and you’ experience

Innovations of tomorrow today



The ‘Innovation and you’ experience gives visitors – both young and old – a clear and spectacular insight into the future and the role that modern technology will play.



How can digitalization help doctors make a conclusive diagnosis? How can body-related data, such as height and weight, help us understand diseases or enable us to predict epidemics? How can networks improve safety on the street? In this new Experience, Philips demonstrates how innovation can enable us to live more sustainable, safer and healthier lives.

Experience how technology changes lives

The ‘Innovation and you’ Experience is unique in this region. Thanks to interactive displays that respond instantly to the individual visitor, you can experience for yourself how modern technology is changing our lives. The new Experience in the Philips museum also shows how innovations in the field of healthcare and sustainable lighting are helping to improve the lives of billions of people all over the world.


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