Experience health at the HealthLab


At HealthLab, all visitors are able to measure and experience how innovations in healthcare can help people to adopt a healthier lifestyle.


Throughout the weekend the Philips Museum will be packed full of special stands where you can obtain information and take measurements and tests relating to your health. Using the ‘fitcard’ that is handed out at the start of the HealthLab route, both adults and children will be able to tour the museum and record their personal data and test results.


Are you fit? Do you get enough sleep? Do you know what the difference is between X-ray, CT and MRI? How good is your lung capacity? How does a minute’s exercise affect your heart rate? Do you know how to use an AED? You can find the answers to all of these questions (and more) at the HealthLab event. 


‘An event that focuses on health and in which we concentrate on giving tips to visitors to help them promote their own health is unique,’ says museum director Olga Coolen. ‘Our aim with the HealthLab is to respond to the need for people to have more control over their health. A new feature at this year’s event is the real-life lung function test, and visitors can also have a go at using a virtual AED. And for the modern-day Philips, which is all about innovations in the health sector, this is a special event geared to the general public.’

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