Succesful 2019 for Philips Museum  


The Philips Museum had a record number of visitors in 2019. This Eindhoven museum attracted a record number of 95 611 visitors last year. The number of visitors has nearly doubled within the last seven years. “Young and old alike are captivated by [the content of] the museum,” says director, Olga Coolen. The museum tells the story of Philips. It includes nearly a century of technological innovation and shows its influence on modern-day society.


City of technology


What is behind the success of the museum? Peter Kentie, director Eindhoven365, "The Philips Museum fits well with the expectation and experience of Eindhoven as a city of technology and above all a city of Philips."


The museum connects the industrial with the digital age. It deals with the arrival of electric light, the way in which radio brought people together, the X-ray tube that caused a revolution in the medical world, the arrival of television, but also the digitization of information, music and images. . Developments in which Philips played a role and which have influenced everyone. This explains why schools from all over the world, tourists from home and abroad, new and existing residents of Eindhoven and many companies know how to find the museum.


New in 2020

There are regular tours and events. A temporary exhibition of vinyl records produced by Philips has also been opened in February 2019. In 2020, a series of “mini colleges” is planned. “These will be free for museum visitors and will address numerous themes Philips has been involved with,” says Coolen. In the spring, an exhibition about PSV, Philips, and the city Eindhoven called Eendracht maakt macht (Power in Unity) will be available for public viewing.

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