Philips Museum reopened on reservation  


We have good news! The Philips Museum will open to the public again from 9 June. In order to ensure the best possible safety and health of both visitors and employees, we will continue to follow the guidelines of the government and RIVM when reopening. The museum association has drawn up a number of measures that we will also follow in the Philips Museum:


  1. Do not leave home with health complaints1. Visitors are welcome if they and their housemates are free of complaints for at least 24 hours.
  2. It is only allowed to come to the museum with more than one person if it’s a party2.
  3. Visitors are in advance in possession of a valid (online) reservation with a valid entrance ticket for the day and the time slot (fixed start time) on which the booking was made; they arrive on time to avoid queues. It is not yet possible to visit the museum without a reservation. This also applies to visits to the museum shop.
  4. Avoid public transport where possible, come as much as possible with your own transport and especially go to museums in the area of your place of residence.
  5. Pay as much as possible with pin or contactless (pin or mobile).
  6. Group tours, packages, tickets or activities are not yet taking place
  7. School trips of children under 12 follow the current advice of RIVM, in consultation with the safety region and the relevant primary school.
  8. Keep one and a half meters away from visitors who do not belong to your own party.
  9. Photo, video and film recordings may not be made in order to guarantee a good passage in the Philips Museum.
  10. Always follow hygiene measures.
  11. Always follow the directions of museum staff and volunteers.


Click here for our extensive visit house rules.


1 By health complaints we mean:

a. Colds, such as runny nose, sore throat, mild cough or increased temperature (up to 38 degrees Celsius).

b. Colds and fever (above 38 degrees Celsius) and / or shortness of breath. In this case, we ask the whole family to stay at home.

2 By party we mean: people who run a household together or form a social unit, such as a family, partners or housemates.