Dutch Technology Week


Dutch Technology Week | 25 May  

Visit the Philips Museum free of charge on Saturday 25 May during the Dutch Technology Week as part of the High Tech Discovery Route. You’ll see various innovations and demos of products that will help shape the future of healthcare. For example the revolutionary new True Vue render engine, which makes realistic images of CT scans. With this new technology doctors can show their patients exactly what the problem or the result of an operation is. In the future patiens might even access these images from home.


Another demo shows Simulated Reality. With SR you interact with 3D objects in a virtual environment, without special glasses or other headwear. This way you really feel part of the story. Dimenco, a Philips spin-off, combines hardware, software, lens technology and a touch of magic. It yields a new device that goes beyond what has ever been shown in visualization. (Except in science fiction films). A new platform for medical, automotive, gaming and visualization applications.


Korein Kinderplein is also present at the Philips Museum and organizes fun activities to make the invisible visible for children. For example the amount of acid or the electrical current in food and fruit.