The Philips Museum is temporarely closed    


The Philips Museum in Eindhoven will close its doors until further notice due to the corona virus. In doing so, the museum follows the guidelines issued by RIVM and the chairmen of the safety regions in the province of Noord-Brabant. According to director Olga Coolen, the museum is taking this measure to protect the health of employees and visitors.


RIVM and Philips guidelines

In recent weeks, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has revised its guidelines on several occasions to prevent the further spread of the corona virus. Philips and the Philips Museum follow these guidelines to protect the health of employees and customers of the company as well as possible.


Last week the museum visitors who had recently been in risk areas were kindly requested to come by another time.


Guarantee safety

The chairmen of the three security regions in the province of Noord-Brabant have since issued the advice to minimize social contacts. Another factor is that around 100 volunteers work at the Philips Museum in the age category that is particularly vulnerable to the virus. To protect them and the visitors, the decision was made to temporarily close the museum.


Director Olga Coolen: “Of course we just want to be open to our visitors. But we closely follow the guidelines of the RIVM and those of Philips because we want to protect our employees, the majority of volunteers, and visitors against possible health risks. They are too dear to us for that. "


Waiting for good news

The museum attracted 95,611 visitors in 2019, a record since its opening in 2013. Pending new guidelines from the Dutch government, the RIVM and from Philips the museum will reopen its doors as soon as circumstances permit.


As it looks now, the new exhibition "Eendracht maakt macht" (about PSV, Philips and the city of Eindhoven) can continue as from 26 May. On the website and the Facebook page you can stay informed of developments.