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Frequently asked questions

I have some old Philips products. Are they of any use to you?

Yes, it is possible to donate vintage Philips products, photo's, letters or other documents to the museum. Small objects can be brought to our visitor desk near the entrance.



You can also contact the ‘Stichting tot Behoud van Historische Philips Producten’ (Association for the preservation of historic Philips products),


Is the museum suitable for children? And if so, from what age?

Yes, most certainly. The museum is ideal for children aged 8 years and over.

Is the museum suitable for people who don’t speak Dutch?

Yes, the entire exhibition is set up in both Dutch and English. You can also play our interactive game Mission Eureka in French and Spanish as well. Our guided tours are available in several languages.


Do I need to book in advance to play Mission Eureka?
Only if you are part of a group of more than 20 people. If that is the case, please contact the Booking Office at:
Is Mission Eureka only for children?

No, Mission Eureka has different levels of information and interaction, which means it appeals to all ages from 8 years upwards.

In which languages can I play Mission Eureka?

In Dutch, English, French and Spanish.

Do I need to book in advance if I want to go on a tour of the museum?

Yes. Please fill out this application form.

The Philips Museum organizes a number of different tours. Further information is available on our Tours page.

How long does a museum visit last, on average?

On average, it will take between one-and-a-half and two hours to view the entire museum collection. A tour lasts one-and-a-quarter hours (you will, however, need to book your place on the tour in advance).

How long in advance do I need to book my place on a tour?
Can I use my mobility scooter in the museum?

The Philips Museum has full disability access and you can therefore use your mobility scooter.

Is there a wheelchair available at the museum?
Yes, there are two wheelchairs available. If you wish to use a wheelchair, please call (0)40 235 90 30.
Is it also possible to visit only the shop or only the museum café?

It is possible to visit the shop only, but you will need a valid entry ticket to the museum in order to visit the museum café.

Do you also sell gift vouchers? | Philips Museum

Yes, we sell three different gift vouchers at the reception desk: a € 4,50 voucher for children, an € 9 voucher for adults and a € 5 voucher for Mission Eureka. Gift wrapping is also available at a cost of € 4.95.


Can I make sound or video recordings in the museum, for my own personal use?

Yes, you can, on condition that the recordings are only for your own personal use.

Are there security lockers in the museum?

Yes, the lockers can be used by visitors free of charge.



The Philips Museum is accessible for wheelchair and mobility scooter

Guide dogs allowed

Kidsproof 2019


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