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Source Perfection


Visual imperfections such as noice and artefacts can be seen in almost all television content. The P5 corrects these, reducing noise without introducing annoying blurring and eliminating banding by extending 8 bit video to near 14 bit precision.


Perfect Sharpness


Most pictures have a resolution that is just a fraction of the 4K that today’s screens are capable of displaying. The P5’s Detail Enhancer upscaling algorithm solves this by transforming content into a sharper Ultra HD picture. The result is a more refined image with noticeably more depth and dimension.

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Perfect Color


The 10-bit colour processing used in most TVs restricts the range of colours that can be shown, regardless of the display quality. By applying 17-bit processing, the P5 unlocks millions more colours. Saturations are more vivid and intense, while skin tones are more natural.

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Perfect Contrast


By expanding the range of contrast, the P5 can make bright parts of the image brighter and darker areas ‘more black’. The result is a picture with more depth and preservation of detail, creating more of the feeling that you are ‘inside’ the action.

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Perfect Motion


Film cameras capture motion by taking 24 individual photos, or ‘frames’ each second. Because of this, we experience fast camera movements as disturbing ‘judder’. The P5 adds three extra ‘in between’ images to each original frame for an incredibly smooth, fluid and natural viewing experience.

Five is the magic number

In every one of our TVs there’s innovative technology working hard to create the very best picture quality. Each of them focuses on the five elements the eye can perceive: source, sharpness, color, contrast and motion.


Combined, our picture quality engines create an incredible image, regardless of the source and quality. So whether you watch YouTube or Netflix, both will be visually stunning.

Philips-TV elementen van beeldkwaliteit
Philips-TV 4K Ultra HD-TV

Ultra HD versus Full HD


High Definition-TV komt in twee soorten: Ultra High Definition (UHD) en Full High Definition (FHD). Met FHD krijgt uw beeld een resolutie tot 1080p met 2 miljoen pixels. In combinatie met onze Philips-beeldverwerkingstechnologieën resulteert dit in een uitstekende beeldkwaliteit. Bij UHD 4K-TV is de resolutie nog vier keer zo hoog: de best mogelijke resolutie met ongelooflijke details en diepte.

zonder Ultra HD with Ultra HD
zonder HDR met HDR

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Brengt het beeld voor uw ogen tot leven


High Dynamic Range zorgt voor een compleet andere visuele ervaring. Beelden komen met verbluffende helderheid, ongekend contrast en fascinerende kleuren tot leven. Naast de grote helderheid krijgen de donkere elementen veel meer diepte en nuance. De rijkere schakering van nieuwe kleuren die u niet eerder op TV hebt gezien, sleept u mee in een visuele ervaring die uw zintuigen prikkelen en emoties opwekken. Perfect voor bioscoopliefhebbers en filmjunkies!

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