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“It’s great to be in thick of everything in HR, showing people that their employer is in total support of inclusion and diversity. I’ve seen the transformation since I’ve been here.. Today, Philips is such an amazing mix of people. Every culture, background, gender, age. It’s fantastic to see and be part of.”

Quint van Twist, Executive Assistant to Philips’ Chief HR Officer and Philips Inclusion & Diversity Ambassador

Think Human Resources, chances are you’d want someone like Quint on your team. A bright, positive people-person who is passionate about inclusion and diversity.


In this interview he outlines his path to Philips, how he believes he has discovered his calling and why he wakes up every morning, full of energy and proud of the achievements he’s helping to make happen; achievements that you’ll like to see on his Instagram Takeover.

“This August, it’ll be my 5-year anniversary at Philips.”

Before joining Philips, I worked at Unilever in Rotterdam for 13 years. When it was time to move on, I used my network to get an interview at Philips. I started in my role first as a temp for 6 months before receiving my fixed contract. It was great to have those first 6 months to learn about the organization and its people and make the decision to stay. I can’t believe it has been 5 years now. The time has flown by!


I was asked for the role in the Chief HR Officer’s office and after a series of interviews, I got the role, and have been working with three CHRO’s in the past 5 years. I couldn’t have imagined how much the role would suit me and how much it would offer me. I look after everything relating to the Chief HR Officer; travel, diary, logistics and HR Team Leadership meeting organization.

“Working within HR has given me the opportunity to make a difference, championing our inclusion and diversity work. Together with my brilliant colleague, Nathalie Lam, we lead our Pride Amsterdam sponsorship. It’s super busy. I have two great jobs at the moment.”
A fantastic and natural addition to my work in HR is my role as co-lead of our Pride Amsterdam sponsorship. A couple of years ago, Philips got the opportunity to get involved with the Amsterdam Canal parade during Pride. This year will be our third year and on Saturday 4th August our Philips #youareyou boat will participate in the parade in support of the LGBT+ community, and 70 Philips employees – or ‘’heroes’ - will be on board taking part.

We have a great DJ who will be spinning our own Life is better when #youareyou track, Also, we have inflatables with our hashtag #youareyou and huge screens on our predominantly royal blue boat. Unlike other companies, our people don’t wear the same colour or clothes or do a synced dance. We’re celebrating individuality and we’ve never linked to a commercial message; instead our company participates because of its people. It’s important they know that they have the freedom to be themselves. After all, work is all about the people. If you don’t have the right people around you, you won’t get the best result.
“I’m lucky. In my time so far at Philips, I’ve had 3 amazing managers who I’ve had a huge click with.”
In HR, one of our main priorities is building a more inclusive and diverse workforce. It’s great to be in thick of everything in HR, showing people that their employer is in total support of inclusivity and diversity. Philips is such an amazing mix of people. Every culture, background, gender, age. It’s fantastic to see and be part of.”
“This year at Pride, the theme is heroes and our Philips boat is full of heroes. We ran a competition asking people to share their stories, explaining who is their work hero at Philips; who is that person who has helped them to be themselves at work.”
We had so many entries from people from a broad range of backgrounds telling us why they feel at home at Philips and the special people who have contributed to that.
Life is better when #youareyou. That’s the message from our inclusion and diversity campaigns and it’s true. The stories we’ve heard over the past 3 years are amazing. It gives me goose bumps every day to see how much of a difference it makes to people’s lives by making it possible for them to be themselves at work. Last year we sponsored World Pride in Madrid, Milan Pride in Italy, Pittsburgh Pride in the US and support inclusivity and diversity activities at Philips offices all over the world.

“We’ve still got a lot of work to do around the globe, but it’s so energizing to see the difference we are already making for employees with our current activities.


Take Marco from our Italian office, for example. He tells us that feeling welcomed and at home at Philips has changed his life. 2 years ago he wasn’t openly ‘out’ at work but our inclusivity and diversity work made it clear that he could be the person he wanted to be at Philips. As Marco says in his film, “you are a person here at Philips. It’s a company that wants you to be happy.”

“Our work championing inclusion and diversity is both personally and professionally rewarding; so much so that we’ve won 3 awards last year. We won a WOMMY in New York in 2017, SponsorRing Award 2017 and the Workplace Pride Awards 2017 for Best Media Representation. Wommy was such an amazing moment accepting the award with Nathalie on behalf of the entire campaign team, getting the recognition and seeing that we made an impact both internally and externally”
At the global WOMMY awards in 2017, we were recognized for our ‘Life is better when #youareyou’ campaign. The WOMMY Awards showcase global excellence in word-of-mouth advertising and social media marketing, focusing on how campaigns are delivered and their impact on audiences. The awards are issued by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association.
“My Instagram Takeover starts on July 23rd. Look out for the Pride Canal Parade on Saturday 4th August. Before that, we’ll have the skipper’s meeting where we will receive our start number for the boat, as well as many other great events throughout the two weeks. It’ll be a time of great celebration. I can’t wait.”

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