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Julliette Herin

Julliette Herin

Name: Julliette Herin
Discipline: Eco Design, Franse universiteit

Juliette Herin studied Eco Design at a French university and wanted to do her graduate internship abroad, mainly to acquire international experience, develop professional competencies, and improve her English language. She applied for several international positions, but was attracted by an assignment at Philips Healthcare which she saw on a student website.


What attracted you to Philips?
"There are several things that attracted me. First, Philips is engaged in sustainability, with a real environmental policy that’s been established for many years. This inspired me and I wanted to be part of this journey towards sustainability. Furthermore, I was attracted by the fact that Philips Healthcare is an international company making products to improve the well-being of people around the world. For me, it was very important to get an internship in line with my own vision: gain international experience in a company which cares about the future. And finally, I saw a graduate internship as a possible starting point for my future career. I believe that large companies like Philips offer more interesting career opportunities."


What was your assignment?
"I was referred to the eco design facilitator of the interventional X-ray business unit. My assignment was to build a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of an interventional X-ray system. In other words, to analyze the product, starting from the extraction of raw material through production, use, and disposal of the product, to get an overview of its impact on the environment."


What was the most challenging part of your internship?
"In such a large company, there are many challenges. For example you can sometimes drown in the mass of information available and lose time finding the right people to contact, in order to get the exact data that you are looking for. To overcome that, it is important to get support and I am grateful to my supervisor who played his role perfectly in facilitating the communication."


What impact did you have?
"My assignment helped to highlight which part of the entire life of the X-ray device is having the biggest impact on the environment. In other words, where should the focus be placed to make a more eco-friendly product in the future."


What are you most proud of?
"I am proud that I have done my internship at Philips Healthcare. It gave me the chance to grow on the professional level and on personal level, since it was my first experience working abroad. It was very enriching."


Where do you work at this moment?
"Thanks to this internship, I had the opportunity to apply for an internal vacancy. Now I am working as an LCA analyst for Philips Environmental Services within Philips Innovation Services."


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