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Joost Oosterveld

Joost Oosterveld

Name: Joost Oosterveld
Age: 24
Bachelors: Marketing & Management (Commercial Economics), Hanzehogeschool Groningen
Minor: International Business, Haaga-Helia University Helsinki
Master in Management: International Business, Nyenrode Business University


Joost Oosterveld wrote his Bachelor thesis during an internship at Philips Lighting. He received a 9 on his thesis and also won the Thesis prize for it. But that was not all. During his time at Philips, Joost participated in the Business Game at Nyenrode which he also won. The prize was a full scholarship to the Master in Management program at the Nyenrode Business University. Talk about winner’s mindset.

What attracted you to Philips?
“Philips is a Dutch company that has been successful for more than 120 years and has grown to become a multinational. Besides that, it is a conglomerate. By that I mean a company that has different businesses which may seem to have little in common, but which create a synergy that connects the entire company. From the perspective of business science, this makes Philips very interesting. Finally, I think it is important that an employer invests in its employees so that they continue to develop themselves. Philips is known for offering these opportunities.”

What did your research at Philips involve?
“My final project was about how Philips Lighting can best mitigate the risks of disruptive channel activities from Samsung and Toshiba, in the Professional Luminaire market, with strategic and tactical marketing decisions.”


What was the most challenging aspect of your project?

“The research I did at Philips was the first chance to apply what I had learned during my studies in practice. You quickly learn that many other factors have to be considered when you are carrying out an actual research project versus testing a hypothetical theory. For example, all the stakeholders have their own opinion about what is important for your research. Also, I found it very challenging to predict the behavior of the competitors and connect that to useful proposals for Philips.”


What are you most proud of?

“I had the feeling that my research delivered direct added value within the organization. My time at Philips was extremely educational. I truly felt I was part of the team.”


What is your next step?
“I have already taken the next step. On June 1 2013, I started a Traineeship with Philips Benelux. For my first project, I’m going to the Digital Team of Philips Healthcare. The Traineeship offers me the chance to see even more of the organization as well as other opportunities.”


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