Centers of excellence


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Centers of Excellence

At Philips, we have a 125 year history of creating meaningful innovation. These innovations and the quality of our products but also our services has always been a top priority.


Within our Centers of Excellence we bring together supporting roles within Finance, Procurement, Customer Service and  Supply Chain, which gives you the opportunity to develop professionally in an international, cross functional environment.

We need your pioneering spirit and resourceful mentality to build and shape these centers from where we are part of the mission of improving the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2025.

Centers of Excellence

Where can I work?

We offer different and exciting career opportunities around the world, including India and Poland.

Meet our teams.

Team Poland

Our team in Poland

Get the true picture of our teams in Poland as well as the city of Łódź where they are based.
People are great here.



Team India

Our team in India

Get the true picture of life at the Philips team Chennai.
I have been in 2 different roles on two different continents.



What can I do?

Finance, Accounting for global improvement

Finance, Accounting for global improvement

Make your finance career meaningful at Philips
Financial skills really count at Philips because they help us drive meaningful innovation. As a finance professional at Philips you’ll have the opportunity to use your accounting expertise to benefit and improve lives, while working in an energetic, competitive business. Philips operates in some of the world’s fastest-moving and highest growing markets, so you’ll use your financial agility and out-of-the-box thinking to keep us ahead of the competition.
Better, smarter, sharper
We expect our finance professionals to affect change. We’ll encourage you to bring your fresh outlook to keep our financial capabilities evolving, driving lasting change throughout the organization; transforming the way we do things through better, smarter and sharper finance processes. In a worldwide organization with direct operations in 60 different countries, this offers real challenges in terms of setting objectives and change management.
Develop your potential to the fullest
Come and exercise your innovative financial thinking and entrepreneurial skills in a way that helps drive our ongoing improvement efforts. And, in doing so, be at the forefront of your profession through our career development programs, challenging projects and by learning about the latest financial tools.
Customer Service

Customer Service

Service for satisfied clients
Customer Service really matters at Philips. Our Customer Service people play a crucial role in helping our businesses satisfy customer needs in the ever changing environment of the markets they operate in. 
Develop your customer service skills to the fullest
Philips is a remarkable place to start your career. In the fast-moving personal and professional health markets, the pace of change is staggering. New technologies and business models replace the old at remarkable speed. Your role will be to help support our businesses satisfy customer needs.
New opportunities every day
With roles in health systems and personal health Customer Service, we can, enable you to advance your career by growing your expertise while helping us shape the way our global organization operates. Every day will bring new challenges.
Procurement, Only sourcing the best

Procurement, Only sourcing the best

Make your procurement career meaningful at Philips
Sourcing the best starts with our people. You’ll join a company committed to making a meaningful difference. You’ll help to affect lasting change while strengthening our competitive advantages. We’ll be realizing our growth ambitions while remaining a recognized benchmark for world-class procurement practices.
Share our passion for innovation
You’ll find yourself part of a global team of like-minded procurement managers and buyers, who all share a passion for creating value through innovation. You’ll make a difference in new and surprising ways every day. 
Develop your entrepreneurial skills
You’ll be actively encouraged to exercise your creativity and powers of innovation and to independently develop your entrepreneurial skills. Your input to strategic sourcing and end-to-end (E2E) transactional activities - from demand analysis to invoicing and payment – will make a real difference to our bottom line.
HR, Managing talent starts with you!

HR, Managing talent starts with you!

Make your HR career meaningful at Philips
Our HR people play a crucial role in helping our businesses react to the ever-changing nature of the markets in which they operate while keeping our culture thriving.
Develop your HR skills to the fullest
Philips is a remarkable place to start your career. In the fast-moving personal and professional health markets, the pace of change is staggering. New technologies and business models replace the old at remarkable speed. Your role will be to help support our businesses who develop effective strategies for driving transformation, build organizational capabilities and recruit the right talent so they can continue innovating and making a positive impact on people’s lives. Rising to challenges every day in new and unexpected ways.
New opportunities every day
There’s no such thing as an average day. Especially when your workforce is made up of amazingly talented people. Our strong belief that people are our most valuable resource means there are HR jobs in virtually every part of Philips.
Supply Chain, Chain of excellence

Supply Chain, Chain of excellence

Make your supply chain career meaningful at Philips
At Philips, we operate in some of the fastest moving and most complex markets in the world; so managing our supply chains demands a capacity for clear thinking and decisive action.
Tales of the unexpected
In an unpredictable world where successful businesses increasingly rely on global sourcing, we value agility, flexibility and an out-of-the-box approach in our supply chain professionals as well as a keen sense of responsibility. As you know, having the right products in the right place at the right time has a direct effect on bottom line.
Innovation processes
Keeping our production lines fueled and worldwide product distribution on track are not the only supply chain challenges you will tackle. Our supply chain teams also take care of the innovation process to ensure that advanced, relevant new products move smoothly from development into production. This means that sometimes you’ll work as closely with design engineers as you do with suppliers and production departments.
New directions
With roles in supply chain logistics, finance and accounting, we can provide the opportunity to move beyond purely product-related supply chain management, enabling you to advance your career by helping shape the way our global organization operates. Every day will bring new, unexpected challenges.

Why should I join?

Why Join?
  • Work for a world class brand which develops technological solutions to improve people’s lives

  • Work for 125 year old professional company that puts quality first, in its products but also in its processes and services, training you in the most advanced ways of working

  • A global organization which gives you the opportunity to leverage your expertise internationally

  • Where all services are combined in one organization, which gives you the opportunity to learn and move cross functionally

  • Where we use lean methodology to simplify and digital automation to optimize processes, allowing you to work with the latest technology and innovation in services