Minicare Home

Patiëntbewakingsservice op afstand

Meer betrokkenheid van patiënten bij de bewaking van de chemotherapie door hem of haar thuis eenvoudige vingerpriktests en temperatuurmetingen te laten uitvoeren en gezondheidsvragenlijsten te laten invullen.

Full service solution  

Full service solutions

Minicare Home monitoring service can help you advance your current clinical practice with additional information that complements your existing knowledge regarding patient status. We designed a service that helps you manage your patient remotely, while minimizing the burden for your clinical team. Minicare Home is not a product that you purchase, it is a full service solution that arranges all the logistics, training, quality assurance and service. So that your team can stay focused on what it does best; taking care of your patients.


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Minicare H-2000 Reader
Dimensions of System (Reader/Dock/TeleHub)
50 cm breed x 25 cm diep x 20 cm hoog
Weight (total)
0.5 kg
0.3 kg
0.2 kg
Noise Level
Maximaal 55 dB
120-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 400 mA
Power consumption
6 W
Operating and storage conditions
Operating Temperature
15-30 °C
Storage Temperature
4-30 °C
Operating Relative Humidity
10%-70% geen condensvorming
Storage Relative Humidity
20%-85% geen condensvorming
Air Pressure
11,6-17,4 psi
XBC Cartridge used with Minicare H-2000 Reader
Dimensions (d x w x h)
1.3cms x 6.1 cms x 4.1 cms
20.1 g
Shelf life wrapped
4 maanden bij 4-25 °C vanaf productiedatum
Shelf life unwrapped
24 uur bij 4-25 °C 14,5 psi, 70% relatieve luchtvochtigheidy
Maximum time from pricking finger, obtaining droplet, adding to cartridge, inserting into Reader
45 seconden
Maximum time from cartridge filling with venous EDTA blood to inserting into reader
15 sec
Measurement range WBC and haemoglobin
Leucocytes (WBC) Measurement range
Metingbereik: 0-200 x 10⁹ cellen/L
Rapporteerbaar bereik: 1,0-99,9 x 10⁹ cellen/L
Leucocytes (WBC) Reportable range
1.0 – 99.9 x 10⁹ cells/L
Granulocytes (GRN) Measurement range
Metingbereik: 0-99,9 x 10⁹ cellen/L
Rapporteerbaar bereik: 0,0-99,9 x 10⁹ cellen/L
Granulocytes (GRN) Reportable range
0.0 – 99.9 x 10⁹ cells/L
Total Haemoglobin (HGB) Measurement range*
Metingbereik: 4,8-24,0 g/dL
Rapporteerbaar bereik: 4.8 – 24.0 g/dL
Total Haemoglobin (HGB) Reportable range*
4.8 – 24.0 g/dL