Information for Suppliers

We focus on quality, value and total cost of ownership, rather than price alone. We are working to optimize the value chain, reduce complexity and build closer relationships with our suppliers. In many cases, we are involving suppliers more directly in our product creation process and innovation – creating an eco-system based on ‘Open Innovation’.

Supplier Forum

Philips’ Supplier Forum is at the heart of our strategy to create a powerful business partner network with our top suppliers. We are exploring new ways of working and taking action to become ‘Partners for Growth’, jointly generating value through shared goals and leveraging our mutual strengths and competencies.


The Supplier Forum provides the framework in which we can build trust and collaborative two-way communication. It allows us to share strategic visions and roadmaps, so our partners can be meaningfully involved in our innovation and product creation process.
To facilitate this cooperation and communication we have created a special site where members of this group can network, share, raise issues and report on progress. Please note: access is restricted to members of the Supplier Forum only.